Food Safety Conference & Farmer Expo with Best Practice Delegation Trip  
Coming soon in 2015. - Debrecen, Hungary

Who will participate?
Healthy food production
 More than 20 countries from Asia, Africa; and more than 20 countries from Europe; representatives from the whole CEE region;
 Senior business managers, product managers, and farmers associations;
 Government representatives, public authorities, associations, leading universities and research organizations related to this sector;

What will you find during the event?

An expert overview of the current state-of-the-art and future trends in food production;
 The chance to hear think tanks within leading companies presenting their visions on resource efficiency in the 21st century;
 An opportunity to discuss new ideas and concepts with experts from your industry or research field through participation in the workshop;
 A possibility to identify and meet possible business development and research partners;
 An update on ecological legislation directly from the European Commission;

You are what you eat! - Healthy food starts with watering, feeding, soil, seeds...

GMO free agriculture in Hungary! - What should be the result of it?

Artisan manufacturing or mass production … artificial fat, soya, sugar, fertilizer … How do you check your food?  - Data collection and data flow to put safety food on your table!